Helen Koehler is a landscape painter and fiber artist living and working on Cape Cod.  She has a long history of working in the field of visual art, starting with a 17 year long career as a production potter.  In her later years she has devoted her life to painting and fiber art.  She also works to build a community in the arts by volunteering as a board member and program resource guide for The Falmouth Art Center.  Artist Statement follows.

Artist Statement by Helen Koehler

It is the experience of making art that brightens my days and adds color to my life.

Various media have held their thrall as the years pass. Creating functional pottery gave me the pleasure of working with a living, moving material.  Also, the many hours of viewing the curves and forms of the vessels sharpened my eye to the subtleties of visual experience.

Later it became necessary to move to two dimensional art and to media that I could carry with me into the future.

At present I have settled on a dual path, landscape painting and fiber art.  Oil paintings worked with a muted soft edge allow the discovery of the richness of tones and the moods of land, sky, and water to come alive in my consciousness.  The woods, lakes, rivers, sea, and flora of the Northeast provide an endless resource of inspiration to me.

Contrasting with the active intense focus of painting is the experience of designing, knitting, felting and stitching bright colors in dense rich texture. The pleasure of making this art is meditative and nourishing to the eye.  Working with fibers allows the imagination to roam into landscapes that exist in the mind as memories or inventions of an all seeing eye.


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    Open House reception 12-7-13 5-8

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