Nature in Art at Highfield Hall

Nature in Art at Highfield Hall.

Marilyn Rowland, fellow blogger and all ’round great culture and arts promoter, published this great article about the Highfield Hall show.

She also included a video of yours truely, talking about art.



About helenakoehler

I am a contemporary landscape painter and fiber artist living on Cape Cod.
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3 Responses to Nature in Art at Highfield Hall

  1. Andrea Moore says:

    HI Helen, Thank you for sending me this post. I especially enjoyed the video and your description of your walking, photographing and painting. I, too, do fiber art at night. My husband comments that, if my hands aren’t busy I fall asleep. So I don’t do well at lectures unless I take some fiber art with me. Bravo, for all this great work. Andrea

    On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 9:52 AM, helenakoehler

  2. Helen! How great to see your Punch Bowl so well photographed – could see the stitches and objects woven into the work. The birds of Beebe Woods was remarkable (I know its not you) How delightful to see and listen to you talk about your art in the video. You are eloquent and the art speaks for itself. You are surrounded by a treasure of beautiful works in your studio and home. So inspiring……like a nice visit with you.
    Interesting, we have the same couch!
    Fall over here, mainly yellows and golds, going out to plein air paint tomorrow in the Rockies. It will be sunny but cold/cool. I read somewhere that there is no “bad weather” only bad clothing choices!!! So I’ll try to practice good clothing choices.
    I’ll send you some photos.

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