A Tree for all Seasons

A Tree for all Seasons

A Tree for all Seasons-felted wool and needle lace leaves.  A painter needs daylight to mix colors and see to their placement on the canvas.  In the evening I continue to be productive by designing, knitting, embroidering, felting and otherwise manipulating fibers to create the more fanciful landscapes of my imagination.


About helenakoehler

I am a contemporary landscape painter and fiber artist living on Cape Cod.
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7 Responses to A Tree for all Seasons

  1. Salley Mavor says:

    It’s wonderful to see your work on your this new blog!

  2. rs says:

    so warm and celebratory of a tree!

  3. Nancy Michaud says:

    I love your tree & snow shadows…. I would place that tree in my bedroom with my other favorites!!

  4. Suzy Bergmann says:

    This is a beautiful start to what I know will be blog that I will visit frequently. YOU are such an inspiration to all of us.

  5. Elizabeth Schule says:

    This tree is truly magical!

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