Helen Koehler’s blog

This is the launch of my new blog featuring contemporary landscape paintings of my surroundings, and images made of wool and cotton and which depict worlds that reside in my imagination.  For the past year and a half I have been employing an oil painting technique learned from New York painter, Christie Scheele.  Layers of light are built on dark gesso with paint mixed with a cold wax medium and softened with inexpensive brushes from the hardware store.  These are the basics of her technique.  I have been working to create my own voice with this technique by experimenting with colors, local subject matter, and manipulating brushstrokes to create a variety of textures and edges.


About helenakoehler

I am a contemporary landscape painter and fiber artist living on Cape Cod.
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5 Responses to Helen Koehler’s blog

  1. Linda Walker says:

    Beautiful work, Helen. I am so impressed with your long, productive days and evenings. What energy!

  2. Marilyn J. Rowland says:

    Best wishes on your new bog Helen. It looks great!

  3. Thanks Marilyn, You gave me the final push to get this started!

  4. Kathleen Keenan says:

    What a treat! Your wonderful works in thread, fiber and paint are absolutly stunning. Your paintings so misty, dreamy and so captures the gentle spirit of nature. Thank you so much for creating a blog, wish more Falmouth Artist would find the time. We are many who are very appreciative for your efforts in bringing FiberArts people together at the Art Center. Looking forward to following your creations.
    Best wishes,

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